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We Provide Building Insurance

Our advisors have serval years of experience advising on protection schemes for different types of assets and clients.

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Single and Buy-To-Let Portfolios

We support landlords with large or small portfolios of residential or commercial properties to ensure that you are protected in the worst case scenario. We help make property insurance as easy and hassle free as possible. 

We can help you cover all forms of protection you would expect and require. This can include buildings, landlord contents insurance and public liability insurance. 

Rent Guarantee Protection

Even the best tenants can fall on hard times. Rent Guarantee Protection helps safeguard you should your tenants be unable to pay their rent.


We will help protect you should your tenants can’t or won’t pay your rental income. We know the importance of protecting your rental investment and can offer a range of services designed to give you peace of mind.

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Standard & High Value Insurance

A standard homeowners insurance policy helps pay for the cost to repair, rebuild or replace the structure of an average home.

However, in an above-average priced home, standard forms of home insurance are not sufficient . We can help you ensure that your policy limits are high enough to help you avoid paying large amounts of money.

Retail and Business Premises Insurance

We source you protection for your business property that is tailored to suit all sizes and forms of business. 

We understand the challenges accompanying insurance for shops. The market often offers lower support and adopts increasingly stricter criteria measures. 

We also have specialist knowledge and understanding of pubs and restaurants. Our connections with private insurers specialising in these sectors will provide you with the most competitive deals. 

We can ensure that the policy is comprehensive enough to cover office contents, fixtures, computer and electronic equipment and loss of income, and offer public/employers liability insurance. We can also help you secure professional indemnity and cyber liability insurance.

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